Income from sponsors and exhibitors is essential to the financial success of many conferences. We are here to help you raise those funds, and we have a proven history of meeting and often exceeding client targets.

We are here to help you raise those funds, and we have a proven history of meeting and often exceeding targets. Connected to the right people, we are able to cut through red tape and we work with commercial partners to integrate them into your event.

94% of our conferences have delivered a positive financial return.

We work with you to help you meet and exceed your targets, by:

  • Identifying all potential supporters in consultation with you, reaching out to new contacts and revitalising existing ones with fresh ideas
  • Presenting varying levels of sponsorship, offering a wide range of opportunities with the flexibility to reward your key sponsors while also attracting new companies who may be supporting your event for the first time
  • Working in partnership with commercial partners to create an integrated event with real substance, not just a branding opportunity for them
  • Design the conference layout to create a central hub area – including registration, posters and refreshments – to ensure a steady flow of delegates around the trade area/exhibition.

By systematically identifying, targeting, and engaging potential sponsors to actively participate in your event, we will develop and deliver a sustainable event. Many of the benefits include:

  • A well-crafted sponsor attraction strategy helps in securing financial support from sponsors, which can be crucial for the success and sustainability of events and/or organisations.
  • The backing of credible sponsors can increase trust among other stakeholders, including potential sponsors and attendees.
  • Building relationships with sponsors can open doors to networking opportunities, facilitating connections with other potential sponsors or clients.
  • A strategic approach to attracting sponsors focuses on building long-term relationships rather than one-off transactions, ensuring continued support and collaboration.
  • Sponsors are more likely to remain engaged and supportive if they see clear benefits and a strong return on investment, leading to mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • A robust sponsor attraction strategy can give you a competitive edge over others who may not have the same level of support, helping you stand out in the market.